You Are Crazy Loved

If you read nothing else today, hear this: the Lord who created the moon and stars also stooped low to walk through a stinking mess of souls and horrors on this Earth. Jesus did a thing that no one would ever do: he died a violent death, taking on your stinking mess (mine, too) so you would never have to be apart from Him. He loves you that much.

Faith Doesn't Always Make Sense

Maybe you've thought about believing in God. You've wondered if there could be something "out there" or even perhaps someone guiding your steps. I know this is not an easy thing for some people to believe. Some minds and some hearts have to look extra hard for the thing that is real. But dear sister, Jesus is THE someone you need to know. 

Pretty Is Good

So, I like pretty things. Curtains, vases, various paint colors, art. You know, the stuff that makes a home a happy place to come back to at the end of the day. The awesome feeling of having just the right fox figurine is available to every woman, regardless of your budget. So, no whining, you can have pretty. It's really true. 

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