Hi. I'm Jennifer Manske Fenske. 

I'm a wife to Jonathan, a mom of three girls and a novelist, but I hope to be known as someone who loved Jesus and this love splashed freely through my words and actions my whole life long. 

I'm crazy about Jesus. Faith and its ups and downs. Living a life that matters. Not sucking at caring for people. 

I don't want to waste my life on things that don't matter. 

I started The Penzy because I found that I was always reading Christian blogs and scrolling through home design blogs. With limited time on my hands, I figured I would just combine my two bloggish topics and voila! The Penzy was born. (Backstory: "The Penzy" is the name of a homemade magazine my eldest daughter created when she was seven. I ripped it off, with her permission.) 

The second part of The Penzy (the first part is Jesus, you got that right?) is titled "Pretty Things." And before someone says "Huh?", know that liking and enjoying art and beauty is 100% okay with God. Look around you at this beautiful world: the Creator obviously is into gorgeous displays. He shows off a lot. 

What's not okay is worshipping stuff like, well, stuff. And money. And I know a whole lot about making idols out of things, so you'll probably be treated to twenty million posts on that subject. Because I am a recovering idol carver. Or something like that. 

Just for fun, here are two questions from fictional readers who are a bit snotty: 

I used to follow your blog on faith called Pale As A Pearl. Some of those posts have moved to The Penzy. Are you lazy? 

Not lazy, just crafty. I didn't want to turn my back on so much work. So, I pushed a magic button on Squarespace and transferred those puppies. 

I noticed that you don't have comments enabled. What gives, yo?

I first heard of this---not having comments on your blog--when I started reading Ann Voskamp's blog posts. I immediately loved her way of doing things. Nothing was required of me as the reader. All I had to do was pause and enjoy Ann's well-crafted words. Sometimes, I itched to type, "This post was sobbingly awesome!" so I would just hop over to Twitter to send that to her. But all in all, I want readers to drop in to The Penzy and hopefully, come away encouraged by a faith post. Or perhaps just be inspired by a pretty thing. 


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